The John William Pope Foundation’s philanthropic vision is rooted in improving the well-being of North Carolinians through the advancement of individual freedom and personal responsibility. To achieve this, the Foundation primarily concentrates on support to North Carolina-based non-profit organizations.  The Foundation’s giving is classified into four focus areas:

By meeting real human needs, in the short-term, through humanitarian aid, and in the long-term, through liberty-oriented organizations that foster a freer, more prosperous society, the Foundation is able to meet the needs of the whole person. When individual lives improve, society as a whole also improves.

“You’ve heard the old proverb that if you give a man a fish, you’ll feed him for a day, and if you teach him how to fish, you’ll feed him for a lifetime,” said Art Pope in a 2009 interview with writer John J. Miller. “A lot of philanthropy is about giving fish, which is very important. But these are short-term, direct measures that treat symptoms. You have to take it one step further,” said Pope.

“Teaching a man to fish presupposes that you have a right to fish and a right to keep the fish you catch. It assumes that you can take your fish to market and sell it, and use the proceeds to buy clothes for your kids. Too many philanthropists don’t even consider that in a just and functioning society, you must have individual liberty with property rights, the rule of law, and limited constitutional government.”

In keeping with its goal of providing the most good for the most number of people, the Pope Foundation’s operations are remarkably lean. Approximately 6% of the organization’s yearly budget goes to operating expenses; the rest goes directly to aiding fellow North Carolinians.

A legacy of generosity

Our specific grants for the 2017-18 fiscal year are shared below and are always available through our IRS Form 990.

Recipient Organization City State Amount
50CAN – North CarolinaCAN Washington DC $50,000.00
Acton Institute for the Study of Religion & Liberty Grand Rapids MI $5,000.00
ACTS of Vance County, Inc. Henderson NC $10,000.00
Alice Aycock Poe Center for Health Education Raleigh NC $5,000.00
Alliance Medical Ministry Raleigh NC $20,000.00
America’s Future Foundation Washington DC $5,000.00
American Enterprise Institute Washington DC $50,000.00
American Legislative Exchange Council Arlington VA $25,000.00
American Red Cross – Triangle Chapter Raleigh NC $5,000.00
American Studies Center – Radio America Journalism Internship Washington DC $10,000.00
Americans for Prosperity Foundation Arlington VA $200,000.00
Americans for Prosperity Foundation – North Carolina Arlington VA $250,000.00
Americans for Tax Reform Foundation Washington DC $25,000.00
Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University Arlington VA $20,000.00
Archbridge Institute Washington DC $10,000.00
Artspace Raleigh NC $5,000.00
Artsplosure Raleigh NC $5,000.00
Ashbrook Center at Ashland University – Teacher Workshops Ashland OH $25,000.00
Asheville School Asheville NC $50,000.00
Asheville School – Western Civilization program/capital campaign Asheville NC $492,500.00
Atlas Network Washington DC $20,000.00
Backstretch Employed Services Team, Inc. Elmont NY $5,000.00
Boys & Girls Club North Central NC – Henderson Site Oxford NC $5,000.00
BTG Community Outreach, Inc. Newnan GA $5,000.00
Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation Plymouth VT $10,000.00
Camp Corral Raleigh NC $15,000.00
Capital Research Center Washington DC $25,000.00
Carolina Ballet Raleigh NC $50,000.00
Carolina Liberty Foundation Chapel Hill NC $10,000.00
Catholic Charities – Support Circle Program Raleigh NC $10,000.00
Cato Institute Washington DC $50,000.00
Center for Education Reform – Rural education Washington DC $25,000.00
Center for Equal Opportunity Falls Church VA $5,000.00
Center for History of Political Economy at Duke University Durham NC $175,000.00
Center for Urban Renewal and Education Washington DC $5,000.00
Civitas Institute, Inc. Raleigh NC $1,280,500.00
Classical Liberals in the Carolinas Charlotte NC $40,000.00
Coastal Bend Food Bank (formerly Food Bank of Corpus Christi) – Hurricane Harvey Corpus Christi TX $5,000.00
Community Alternatives for Supportive Abodes – CASA Raleigh NC $5,000.00
Community Music School Raleigh NC $5,000.00
Competitive Enterprise Institute Washington DC $25,000.00
Conservatives for Criminal Justice Reform Raleigh NC $5,000.00
Conversatives for Criminal Justice Reform Raleigh NC $12,000.00
CORRAL Riding Academy Cary NC $11,000.00
Coweta Samaritan Clinic, Inc. Newnan GA $5,000.00
Daniel Center for Math and Science Raleigh NC $10,000.00
Dix Park Conservancy Raleigh NC $5,000.00
Econ Journal Watch via The Fraser Institute Alberta CA $7,500.00
Education NC Raleigh NC $25,000.00
Embassy Cultural Center Foundation Henderson NC $35,000.00
Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies Washington DC $50,000.00
Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC Raleigh NC $15,000.00
Foundation for Economic Education – NC students Atlanta GA $10,000.00
Foundation for Government Accountability Naples FL $25,000.00
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education Philadelphia PA $50,000.00
Foundation for Teaching Economics – Economics for Leaders Alexandria VA $10,000.00
Free to Choose Network Erie PA $5,000.00
Full Gospel Tabernacle Lumberton NC $25,000.00
Girl Scouts of America – North Carolina Coastal Pines – Vance County Raleigh NC $5,000.00
Godwin Presbyterian Church Godwin NC $5,000.00
Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundtion Lexington KY $50,000.00
Habitat for Humanity of Wake County Raleigh NC $25,000.00
Haywood Pathways Center Waynesville NC $100,000.00
Helping Horse Theraupetic Riding Program Raleigh NC $5,000.00
Henderson Family YMCA Henderson NC $5,000.00
Heritage Foundation, The Washington DC $10,000.00
Hope Reins Raleigh NC $10,000.00
Houston Food Bank – Hurricane Harvey Houston TX $10,000.00
Independent Institute – The Independent Review Oakland CA $10,000.00
Independent Women’s Forum Washington DC $25,000.00
Initiative for Public Choice and Market Process at the College of Charleston (Foundation) Charleston SC $25,000.00
Institute for Free Speech Alexandria VA $50,000.00
Institute for Humane Studies Arlington VA $150,000.00
Institute for Humane Studies – Scholarships, Academic Leadership, Seminar Event Arlington VA $225,000.00
Institute for Justice Arlington VA $50,000.00
Institute for the Study of Capitalism at Clemson University (Foundation) Clemson SC $25,000.00
Institute of Political Leadership – Fellows Program Greensboro NC $50,000.00
Institute of Political Leadership – Special Projects Greensboro NC $10,000.00
Intercollegiate Studies Institute – Collegiate Network program Wilmington DE $10,000.00
Interfaith Prison Ministry for Women Raleigh NC $25,000.00
James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal Raleigh NC $588,033.29
Jesse Helms Center Foundation Wingate NC $25,000.00
Jesse Helms Center Foundation – Forum/Event Wingate NC $25,000.00
John Locke Foundation Raleigh NC $2,973,750.00
John Locke Foundation – Children’s Business Fair Raleigh NC $5,099.71
John Locke Foundation-EA Morris Fellows Program Raleigh NC $65,000.00
Junior Achievement Raleigh NC $10,000.00
Kidznotes Durham NC $10,000.00
Liberty and Law Institute Cary NC $5,000.00
Life Line Outreach, Inc. Henderson NC $10,000.00
Lincoln Network Raleigh NC $20,000.00
Lucy Burns Institute – Ballotpedia Middleton WI $50,000.00
Lucy Daniels Center – Family Guidance Center Cary NC $5,000.00
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Inc. New York NY $50,000.00
Mercatus Center Arlington VA $135,000.00
Moving Picture Institute – We the Internet New York NY $10,000.00
National Review Institute New York NY $60,000.00
National Taxpayers Union Foundation Washington DC $35,000.00
NC Business Leaders For Education (BEST NC) Cary NC $30,000.00
Network of Enlightened Women (NeW) Washington DC $10,000.00
Neuse Christian Academy Raleigh NC $5,000.00
New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Lexington KY $50,000.00
North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence Durham NC $10,000.00
North Carolina Family Policy Council Raleigh NC $110,000.00
North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation Raleigh NC $25,000.00
North Carolina Master Chorale Raleigh NC $5,000.00
North Carolina Opera Company Raleigh NC $15,000.00
North Carolina Symphony Raleigh NC $25,000.00
North Carolina Theatre Raleigh NC $50,000.00
Occoneechee Council Boy Scouts of America Raleigh NC $10,000.00
Occoneechee Council Boy Scouts of America – Pope Eagle Scout Scholarship Raleigh NC $40,000.00
Pacific Legal Foundation Sacramento CA $5,000.00
Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy – Healthcare Initiative San Francisco CA $15,000.00
Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina Raleigh NC $10,000.00
Performance Edge Raleigh NC $5,000.00
Perry Memorial Library, Inc. Henderson NC $15,000.00
Philanthropy Roundtable Washington DC $50,000.00
Philsophy, Politics, and Economics Program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Arts and Sciences Foundation) Chapel Hill NC $811,500.00
Preservation North Carolina Raleigh NC $25,000.00
Prevent Child Abuse NC Raleigh NC $25,000.00
Prevent Child Abuse NC Raleigh NC $25,000.00
Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) Bozeman MT $10,000.00
Public Choice, Law & Economics Program at North Carolina State University (Foundation) Raleigh NC $85,200.00
Public Interest Legal Foundation Plainfield IN $50,000.00
Raleigh Camerata Raleigh NC $2,500.00
Raleigh Charter High School Raleigh NC $25,000.00
Raleigh Fine Arts Society Raleigh NC $25,000.00
Raleigh Little Theatre Raleigh NC $5,000.00
Raleigh Rescue Mission, Inc. Raleigh NC $10,000.00
Ravenscroft School Raleigh NC $25,000.00
Ravenscroft School – AP Politics & Government Raleigh NC $125,000.00
Reality Ministries Durham NC $10,000.00
Reason Foundation, Inc. Washington DC $125,000.00
Reason Foundation, Inc. – Gala Washington DC $25,000.00
Safe Families for Children Alliance – Wake County Chicago IL $10,000.00
SAFE Haven for Cats Raleigh NC $10,000.00
Salvation Army of Southern Territory – Hurricane Maria Atlanta GA $25,000.00
Salvation Army of Texas – Hurricane Harvey Dallas TX $20,000.00
SECU Family House at UNC Hospitals Chapel Hill NC $32,500.00
SECU Family House at UNC Hospitals – Capital Campaign Chapel Hill NC $100,000.00
Shepherd’s Table Soup Kitchen Raleigh NC $10,000.00
Southeast Texas Food Bank – Hurricane Harvey Beaumont TX $5,000.00
Stand Together Arlington VA $25,000.00
State Policy Network Arlington VA $60,000.00
State Policy Network – Marketing Arlington VA $80,000.00
StepUp Ministry Raleigh NC $25,000.00
Stokes County Arts Council Danbury NC $100,000.00
Student Free Press Association Hillsdale MI $15,000.00
Talent Market Mt. Pleasant SC $10,000.00
The Family Violence Prevention Center dba Interact Raleigh NC $5,000.00
The Fund for American Studies Washington DC $25,000.00
The Fund for American Studies – Scholarship Washington DC $25,000.00
The Green Chair Project Raleigh NC $25,000.00
The Tax Foundation Washington DC $20,000.00
The Winston-Salem Review Winston-Salem NC $5,000.00
Thoroughbred Charities of America Lexington KY $10,000.00
Track & Field Scholarships at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill via The Educational Foundation, Inc. Chapel Hill NC $200,000.00
Transitions LifeCare Raleigh NC $25,000.00
Triangle Literacy Council – Vance County RTP NC $5,000.00
TROSA – Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers Durham NC $25,000.00
UNC Horizons via The Medical Foundation of North Carolina – Study Chapel Hill NC $83,334.00
UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center via The Medical Foundation of North Carolina – Tomorrow’s Best Hope Chapel Hill NC $1,000,000.00
Urban Ministries of Wake County Raleigh NC $10,000.00
Vance County Historical Society Henderson NC $5,000.00
Vance-Granville Community College – Scholarship Henderson NC $10,000.00
Virginia Episcopal School Lynchburg VA $25,000.00
Virginia Episcopal School – Capital Campaign Lynchburg VA $100,000.00
White Memorial Presbyterian Church Raleigh NC $50,000.00
White Memorial Presbyterian Church – Funds Raleigh NC $250,000.00
YMCA of the Triangle Raleigh NC $5,000.00
Young America’s Foundation Herndon VA $20,000.00
Young Voices Washington DC $5,000.00
Youth Legislative Assembly (YLA) Raleigh NC $10,000.00
TOTAL     $12,675,417.00