The primary goal of education should be to encourage critical thinking, scholarly inquiry, and responsible teaching. Schools and colleges should be strongholds of intellectual diversity, including the philosophies of economic freedom and prosperity.

Too many students graduate from high schools and colleges without the job skills needed to compete in our knowledge-based economy. Worse, many students lack a basic understanding of the foundations of our free and civil society, the very concepts that allow our government to function and our nation to flourish.

The John William Pope Foundation believes that Americans are obligated to teach both the current and next generations about the Western traditions of liberty. To achieve this, the Foundation supports North Carolina-focused educational institutions, student societies, academic centers, student groups, and policy groups that research education issues. These centers and groups provide the needed but underrepresented freedom-centric perspective in college classrooms.The Foundation prioritizes institutions that encourage intellectual diversity and critical thinking in state. The geographic focus is primarily North Carolina.


UNC Athletics: Track & Field

As the first publicly chartered university in America, UNC-Chapel Hill has become a nationally recognized institution for its excellence in...

Born Under Communism, Simon Bilo Now Teaches Others About Free Economies

“For the first six years of my life, I was under a communist regime.” That’s how Simon Bilo describes his...

Guillermo Peña Panting Brings Freedom to the Murder Capital of the World

What would convince a talented, promising young man to forsake a life of ease in the United States and Europe...

Baker Mitchell Devotes His Retirement to Educating Kids

A tale of two schools. That’s what prompted Baker Mitchell to embark on a journey to bring more education options...

Terry Stoops: A 'You-Can't-Scare-Me' Education Reformer

The odds have always been against Terry Stoops. As an advocate for expanding parental choice in education, Terry has been...

Center for the History of Political Economy at Duke University

The origins of the Center for the History of Political Economy (HOPE Center) at Duke University can be traced back...

Travis Fisher Seeks to 'Be Rather Than to Seem'

Travis Fisher experienced a political epiphany as a junior in college: He wanted to become an advocate for free markets....

The Fund for American Studies

Building Future Leaders in America The time was the late 1960s. The United States was engulfed in a seismic cultural...

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