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Creative expression is the hallmark of a free and civil society. A free and prosperous nation can support the arts and ultimately preserve our national heritage and legacy for future generations.

Historically, North Carolina has many unique art traditions that date back centuries. But the scope of arts in our state isn’t limited to traditional arts or distinct geographic regions. As North Carolina has continued to grow and evolve, so have the state’s art traditions. Today, North Carolinians from Murphy to Manteo celebrate, host, and create a broad spectrum of the arts in small and large venues. These arts have intrinsic value and help unify communities.

Foundation namesake John William Pope and his wife Joyce W. Pope firmly believed in supporting the arts and creative expression in the Tar Heel state. In keeping with its support of free-market causes, the Foundation believes that private resources, not government entities, should be the primary conduit for funding creativity. The Foundation prioritizes organizations that create and promote the arts through performance and education. The geographic focus is Wake and Vance Counties (or organizations who do work to benefit residents of Wake and Vance Counties).


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Carolina Ballet

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