Pope Foundation Makes $185,000 in Humanitarian Grants to Counter Effects of Government Shutdown

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RALEIGH, N.C. OCT. 21, 2013 — To mitigate the effects of the federal government shutdown that spanned the first half of October, the John William Pope Foundation has announced $185,000 in grants to humanitarian charities in central, eastern, and western North Carolina.

“The Pope Foundation is always honored to help these vital humanitarian nonprofits with financial support, support that is leveraged by their great volunteers and staff,” said Art Pope, President and Chairman of the Pope Foundation.

“With the added uncertainty and potential increase in need due to a partial federal government shutdown, the Pope Foundation decided to give earlier and more to help these private and volunteer charitable institutions fill the gap and offer a hand up to those most in need,” Pope said.

Thirteen organizations will benefit from the accelerated grants. These organizations meet the immediate needs of children, women, and men by providing food, shelter, clothing, and medical care.

“With these extra funds, we’ll be able to go and buy meat, baby formula, and diapers,” said Dorothy Hunt, Executive Director of Lifeline Outreach Inc., a nonprofit based in Vance County that alleviates homelessness and assists women and children in crisis.

“The grant will enable us to continue doing what we’re already doing, but on an increased level,” she added. “Helping these people is the call of God on us.”

The grants are:

Since its founding in 1986, the Pope Foundation has given millions to humanitarian charities, mainly in Wake County and adjacent regions.

For more information, interviews, or details on the application process, contact Dave Riggs or David Bass at 919-861-6445 or press@jwpf.org.


The John William Pope Foundation, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, works to improve the well-being of the citizens of North Carolina and the nation through the advancement of individual freedom and personal responsibility. From its first grant in 1986 to the present, the Foundation’s giving has totaled over $100 million, primarily to charities and organizations in North Carolina.

The Foundation is a private family foundation supported by the late John William Pope Sr. and his wife, Joyce W. Pope, and their children: their late son, John William Pope Jr.; Amanda Pope; and Art Pope.

The Pope Foundation receives additional support from the family’s business, Variety Wholesalers Inc., which owns and operates Roses, Maxway, Super 10, and other discount stores, and has its offices and distribution centers in Raleigh and Henderson, North Carolina.


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