Application Information: Annual Grants

What are the deadlines? 

The John William Pope Foundation accepts proposals for funding throughout the year. However, we traditionally act on proposals only twice a year spring (April/May) and fall (October/November).  Urgent needs and projects that fall between meeting times may be considered at the discretion of the board.

  • Most public policy and higher education grant requests are considered at our spring board meeting.  We kindly request your applications for these grants by Monday, February 25, 2019 (last Monday of February).
  • Most human service and arts grant requests are considered at our fall board meeting.  We kindly request your applications for these grants by Monday, August 26, 2019 (last Monday of August).

What is the geographic scope of the Foundation’s giving?

The Pope Foundation is open to considering any proposal though there are some general geographic guidelines the Foundation traditionally follows when considering requests:

  • Human services and arts giving (includes limited K-12 education giving): Wake and Vance Counties, sometimes extending into the Triangle.
  • Education (Higher education and student development): Primarily the Triangle, sometimes extending into other parts of the Carolinas.
  • Public Policy: North Carolina or national organizations with a North Carolina research/program focus.

What are typical request amounts? What should my nonprofit request?

There is no magic number or ideal request. If you have a question regarding the suitability of your application, we highly encourage you to review our past year’s grantees.  This will give you an idea of the types of organizations we typically fund.

Application Information: Joy W. Pope Memorial Grants in Art & Human Services

The Joy W. Pope Memorial Grants in Arts & Human Services are offered once a year (usually due by early September). As the name indicates, we offer two $100,000 grants – one for a human services project and one for an arts project.  You can read more about the grant program here.  A brief overview is also below.
  • The arts grant is designed for projects in visual arts, performing arts, and literary arts that serve the greater community.
  • The human services grant is designed for projects in employment/occupation preparation, skills training, youth development (including childhood literacy/wellness intervention), and crisis services (including abuse, hunger relief, housing, mental health, and addiction among others). Other purposes may be considered, however the human services grant is not intended for medical research.

When can I apply? 

Applications for the 2019 Joy W. Pope Memorial Grants will be accepted between June 15 – September 15, 2018.  Awards will be issued no earlier than January 2019.

What kinds of organizations can apply and what is the geographic focus?

  • Any 501(c) 3 charitable organization in good standing with the IRS, based in North Carolina, and serving North Carolinians is eligible to apply (no letter of inquiry or preapproval needed).
  • Previous applicants, current grant partners, and former grant partners are all welcome to apply.

What amount should my nonprofit request?

The Joy W. Pope Memorial Grants are $100,000 awards, issued in full.   No partial request will be considered or fulfilled.