Statement regarding Carolina Plott Hound posts

September 15, 2017

Earlier this week, Carolina Plott Hound (an online Drudge Report-style news aggregator owned by Civitas Institute), linked to an offensive post authored by the Triad Conservative blog.  The Triad Conservative blog post suggested that North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein joined two national lawsuits against the Trump administration (one challenging the so-called ‘travel ban’ and another challenging the DACA repeal) because he was motivated by his ethnicity and religious faith – Judaism.  The post goes on to further suggest “those within [Stein’s] own ethnic group want the Christian majority with roots in western countries to be numerically diluted.”

Because the John William Pope Foundation makes grants to Civitas, we felt compelled to make a statement about the offensive linked post.  Though we have no affiliation with the individual(s) who author Triad Conservative, the Pope Foundation staff and board vehemently reject such a contemptible conspiracy theory.  Carolina Plott Hound should have exercised better editorial judgment and never linked to it.  While the Pope Foundation is a grantor to many nonprofits, we do not direct the day-to-day operation of our grantees and had no prior knowledge of the plans to link to the post.

Judging people and their motives according to their membership in a group is inconsistent with basic conservative ideas and incompatible with the mission and principles of the Pope Foundation.  As we’ve always done, we remain committed to funding organizations that exhibit sound judgment and mutual respect across differences of opinion, faith, and creed.