Seven Eagle Scouts, all in one family

For every 100 young men who join a Boy Scouts troop, only four will become Eagle Scouts. But this morning, the News & Observer reports on one family that boasts seven Eagle Scouts:

Seven Scouts in the family – every male descendent of the late Raleigh photographer Burnie Batchelor – left the organization as Eagles. The youngest, 18-year-old Broughton High senior Maclin Batchelor, earned the distinction this year.

Maclin says he didn’t feel too much pressure not to break the streak, and the older Eagles in the family helped out. “I knew the ropes and it made it a lot easier going through the process,” he said.

Maclin’s dad, Ronnie Batchelor, 53, said he was inspired by his older brother, Rick – the family’s first Eagle Scout. “I really looked up to him,” Ronnie said. “Seeing him get his Eagle impressed upon me that it was something I wanted to do.”

Burnie Batchelor, Rick and Ronnie’s father, was the first to take an interest in Boy Scouts, though he wasn’t a member as a child.

“He wanted to make sure we were all busy and had stuff to do,” Ronnie recalled. “Dad felt like the three points of the Scout Oath (duty to God and country, to others and to self) were in line with the priorities of his life.”

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