Salvation Army of Wake County gears up for Christmas

With the Christmas season fast approaching, many of us will be distracted by family time, shopping, and the festivities of the season. But it’s important that we not forget the least among us.

The Salvation Army of Wake County is a great way to help the needy this holiday season. Writing in the News & Observer, columnist Burgetta Wheeler highlights the Salvation Army’s preparations:

Those who work with the Salvation Army of Wake County know that times are hard. The nonprofit is expecting to serve more than 8,500 children this year, up from about 7,800 last year.

“We’re hoping it doesn’t increase that much, but we’re preparing for it,” said Haven Sink (pictured to the left), director of public relations for the nonprofit. “We certainly have seen just as many families in need. It doesn’t seem to be decreasing.”

It might be a little hard to think about Christmas before Halloween has even passed. Yet how haunting it would be to be a parent already struggling to feed and house a child with the specter of an empty Christmas hanging over you, too.

Almost 900 people snaked quietly through ropes at an old Winn-Dixie on New Bern Avenue in Raleigh to sign up 1,340 children on Monday alone. By late Wednesday, 4,987 children were registered to receive clothes through the Angel Tree program and toys through the annual Toy Store.

The Pope John William Foundation has given $42,500 to the Salvation Army of Wake County during the past decade. Learn more about our humanitarian philanthropy here.