Pope Foundation Contributes $1.3 Million to Local Community Nonprofits and Universities

December 7, 2010

RALEIGH, N.C. DEC. 7, 2010 — Art Pope, President of the John William Pope Foundation, announced today that the Foundation’s board has approved $1,298,000 in local grants. This includes $858,000 primarily awarded to arts, religious, youth, humanitarian, and educational organizations as well as $440,000 for higher education in the Raleigh area.

During the fall/winter grant cycle, the Pope Foundation focuses its efforts on the local community, seeking to fund groups that strive to advance the well being of citizens in Wake, Vance, and other surrounding counties. In this cycle, the Pope Foundation is awarding grants of $858,000 to groups such as the Raleigh Rescue Mission, Urban Ministries of Wake County, Alliance Medical Ministry, and Habitat for Humanity, which focus on alleviating poverty, poor health, and housing deficiencies. Additional grants to the NC Opera, Ballet, Theatre, Symphony, and Performance Edge support and enhance cultural institutions in the Raleigh area.

Also in calendar year 2010, the Pope Foundation awarded grants to local universities including a $300,000 donation (of a $1.2 million pledge) to Campbell University’s Law School in downtown Raleigh and $140,000 for a Public Choice, Law, and Economics program at North Carolina State University.

Other notable grantees include but are not limited to: Central YMCA, Occoneechee Council – Boy Scouts of America, Ravenscroft School, Raleigh Charter High School, Full Gospel Tabernacle, Shepherd’s Table, and the H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library in Henderson, NC.

The John William Pope Foundation is a private, family foundation, supported by the late John W. Pope, Sr., of Raleigh, North Carolina, his wife, Joyce W. Pope, and their children: Art Pope of Raleigh, North Carolina, Amanda Pope of Citra, Florida, and their late son, John William Pope, Jr.

The Pope Foundation receives additional support from the family’s business, Variety Wholesalers, Inc., which owns and operates Roses, Maxway, Super 10, and other discount stores, and holds its offices and distribution centers in Raleigh and Henderson, North Carolina.

For more information, interviews, or details on the application process, contact Dave Riggs or David Bass at 919-861-6449 or press@jwpf.org.