Exploring donor strategies to help the poor join the free-enterprise economy

Unemployment, minimum wage, and the collapse of work are big topics in the news right now. Personal responsibility and accountability are notably absent from much of the conversation.

At the John William Pope Foundation, we understand the importance of helping the poor, particularly with an eye towards helping them become active parts of the free-enterprise economy.

Along those lines, we encourage you to attend an upcoming event sponsored by the Philanthropy Roundtable titled “Getting America Back to Work,” which will be held April 9 in Houston, Texas. During the event, they will explore philanthropic strategies to help economically marginalized individuals become employable, find work, and build economic stability:

As concerns about poverty and economic mobility mount, one thing stands clear: Work provides the earned income that alleviates a host of poverty-related problems. Yet the unemployment numbers and welfare statistics suggest that it’s not always simple to join the workforce. What holds people back from working, and how can private philanthropy bridge those barriers? What strategies effectively help people become employable and secure? Can social entrepreneurship strategies create jobs for the most difficult to employ? What organizations inspire donors to support them? Join us for an exploration of philanthropic strategies that promote the culture and practice of work.

Register here.