Does your country encourage or discourage generous giving?

April 26, 2013

To what degree does your country respect the freedom to be generous? That's the question examined in a new pilot study from the Center for Global Prosperity at the Hudson Institute. The new research explores the climate of philanthropic freedom in 13 nations. The study (PDF download) uses a variety of metrics — including the ease of creating philanthropic organizations and tax policies that either encourage or discourage individual generosity — to determine the level of restrictions in each country. The Hudson Institute's index of philanthropic freedom puts the Netherlands, the United States, Sweden, Japan, Australia, and Mexico at the top. Turkey, Russia, Egypt, and China round out the bottom. The study concludes: Many of the high scoring nations are also high income countries, reflecting the long history of philanthropy and civil society in these countries. Additionally, some emerging economies scored high also, reflecting an improving environment that is conducive to...

Bringing the timeless themes of Opera to the Triangle

March 18, 2013

Categories: The Arts

Our new Grantee Profile focuses on the North Carolina Opera, the Triangle area's world-class company: Which fine art form beautifully connects an audience with hundreds of thousands of other people, people who lived in a different time and place in history? Which of the fine arts combines all of the fine arts into one seamless performance? Answer: The opera. And North Carolinians are fortunate to have an outstanding company in the state’s capital city of Raleigh. Since its creation in 2010, the North Carolina Opera has brought world-class performances to the Triangle area, giving residents an opportunity to see the present in light of the past. “The themes in opera are timeless, so that even music written hundreds of years ago is completely relevant today. Opera is a reflection of this common human experience,” said Eric Mitchko, General Director of the N.C. Opera. Like other classical forms of art in the western tradition, opera has a rich history. Its origins...