Art Pope receives SPN’s ‘Roe’ award for defending freedom

Art Pope, President and Chairman of the Board of the John William Pope Foundation, was honored to receive State Policy Network’s “Roe” award in 2009. Established in 1992 and named after SPN’s founder, Thomas A. Roe, Jr., the Roe award recognizes individuals in the public policy sphere who have done an exceptional job of furthering liberty:

SPN presents the annual Thomas Roe Award to honor an individual who exhibits leadership, innovation and achievement in promoting free markets and less intrusive government at the state and local level. At the 17th SPN Annual Meeting in Asheville, North Carolina, the 2009 Roe Award was bestowed upon James Arthur Pope.

A Tar Heel State native, Pope earned his undergraduate degree from the University of N. Carolina at Chapel Hill and a law degree from Duke University, then joined the family business – Variety Wholesalers Inc., which owns a retail chain of more than 500 stores in 14 states. He served as a vice president and general counsel, becoming CEO and chairman after his father retired.

In addition to being a businessman, Pope served four terms in the State House of Representatives. However, as John Locke Foundation president John Hood noted during the award introduction, “Art Pope…saw and continues to see politics as a means to an end – the end of expanding and preserving liberty. Before he ever entered the political fray himself, Art involved himself in the critical intersection of philanthropy and public policy.”

Click here to see video of Art accepting the award.