In December 2011, The John William Pope Foundation marked its 25th anniversary. Even a quarter-century after the Foundation’s creation, the Pope family’s extraordinary generosity — nearly $100 million in philanthropic donations — is matched in significance only by the number of lives touched.

John William Pope’s unusually quiet, unassuming philanthropy was designed to recognize and support whole people — helping to meet their physical needs, provide educational opportunities, enrich their creativity through the arts, and promote public policy that protects their ability to be free and prosperous in the future.

In continuing the legacy of John William Pope, the Foundation’s 25th anniversary dinner was a fundraiser for StepUp Ministry, a nonprofit that empowers low-income individuals to break the poverty cycle. All proceeds from ticket sales for the dinner went to StepUp — nearly $300,000 total. John Stossel, a host and commentator on the Fox Business Network, keynoted the dinner.

"The Pope Foundation is excellent philanthropic organization, which focuses on the importance of individual achievement in a free society.   The Foundation is having a huge impact on maintaining traditional American values and teaching our citizens the importance of making their voice heard in halls of government.  The Pope Foundation's leadership is very instrumental in influencing our citizens to commit their resources to improve education and public policy."
Robert Luddy
CEO, CaptiveAire