2013 NCGA session: Landmark gains for conservatives

The Civitas Institute has compiled a list of conservative accomplishments from the 2013 N.C. legislative session:

As the dust settles on the landmark 2013 North Carolina legislative session, conservatives can look upon the accomplishments of the state legislature and find much to celebrate. A catalog of policies that conservatives have for years been advocating for finally became reality. The number of reforms and improvements implemented in just one session may be unprecedented for any state government in the modern era. Even consistently “red” states typically take years to accomplish what North Carolina did in the span of six months.

With Republican majorities in both legislative chambers combined with a Republican Governor for the first time in roughly 150 years, the time was right to begin unraveling generations of big-government, liberal policies that had become the norm in the Tar Heel State.

Conservative policies spanning taxation, education, health care, elections and criminal justice were passed this year, much to the chagrin of liberal elites that now see their stranglehold on power slipping away. While left-wing extremist protesters and liberal media outlets like the New York Times and MSNBC cry out that North Carolina moved “backwards,” it is indeed those liberals who wanted to preserve the failed policies of the past.