North Carolina is a beautiful place to live and do business. Beaches to the east and mountains to the west, the Tar Heel State has been called a veil of humility between two mountains of conceit — a tongue-in-cheek jab at our neighbors to the north (Virginia) and south (South Carolina). But despite its rich history and heritage, North Carolina needs improvement.

As of July 2012, the state’s unemployment rate stood at 9.6%, more than a full percentage point higher than the national rate of 8.3%. In some North Carolina counties, joblessness has reached epidemic proportions. The poverty rate also is a persistent problem. In North Carolina as a whole, 15% of individuals are at or below the federal poverty threshold, more than one percentage point above the national average of 13.8%.

Amid that atmosphere, the John William Pope Foundation is honored to have the ability to help human beings flourish — to play a small role in providing greater equality of opportunity and the freedom to pursue those opportunities. The Foundation’s philanthropic vision is rooted in meeting real human needs, both in the short-term, through humanitarian aid, and in the long-term, through liberty-oriented organizations that foster a freer, more prosperous society so that individuals have the opportunity to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

The Pope Foundation is concerned with the whole person. That’s why we support the arts, which nurture the soul, and educational institutions, which nurture the mind. When individual lives improve, society as a whole improves as well.

In keeping with its goal of providing the most good for the most number of people, the Pope Foundation’s operations are remarkable lean compared to other philanthropies of its size. Just 4% of our budget goes to overhead; the rest goes directly to aiding our fellow North Carolinians.

A legacy of generosity

Our specific areas of investment for the 2011-2012 fiscal year and the organizations supported are below.


Americans for Prosperity North Carolina $150,000
Foundation for Ethics in Public Service $5,000
Institute of Political Leadership at UNCG $83,000
Jesse Helms Center Foundation $50,000
John Locke Foundation-EA Morris Fellowship $65,000
John Locke Foundation $2,549,508
John William Pope Civitas Institute $1,380,000
NC Family Policy Council $100,000
NC Free Enterprise Foundation $125,000
NC Institute for Constitional Law $487,500
Pope Center for Higher Education Policy $542,800

TOTAL – NC Public Policy:




American Enterprise Institute $25,000
Americans for Tax Reform Foundation $25,000
Atlas Economic Research Foundation $50,000
Capital Research Center $10,000
Cato Institute $10,000
Center for Equal Opportunity $5,000
Competitive Enterprise Institute $10,000
Donors Trust $95,000
Family Research Council $25,000
Federalist Society $50,000
Heartland Institute $10,000
Heritage Foundation $50,000
Independent Women’s Forum $10,000
Institute for Justice $75,000
Manhattan Institute $25,000
Mercatus Center $15,000
Pacific Research Institute $10,000
Philanthropy Roundtable $25,000
Property and Environment Research Center $25,000
Reason Foundation $50,000
State Policy Network $25,000

TOTAL – National Public Policy:




Asheville School $225,000
Bill of Rights Institute $25,000
Campbell University $300,000
Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism $25,000
Duke University-History of Political Econ $175,000
Elon University $50,000
Foundation for Economic Education $1,000
Fund for American Studies $35,000
Institute for Humane Studies $455,000
Law & Economics at GMU $10,000
NC Central University $4,000
NCSU-Public Choice, Law, & Economics $140,000
Raleigh Charter High School $25,000
Ravenscroft School $25,000
UNC-CH School of Government $30,000
UNC-Educational Foundation $1,000,000
UNC-CH-Arts & Sciences Foundation $50,000
Upper Room Christian Academy $10,000
Virginia Episcopal School $25,000

TOTAL  – Education:




Alliance Medical Ministry $10,000
American Red Cross-Triangle Chapter $5,000
Barium Springs Home for Children $10,000
Blessed Sacrament School $10,000
Capital Commission $10,000
Cape Cod Healthcare Foundation $22,500
Disabilities Education Support Center $5,000
Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC $5,000
Full Gospel Tabernacle $25,000
Godwin Presbyterian Church $5,000
H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library $10,000
Habitat for Humanity of Wake County $10,000
Henderson YMCA $5,000
Hope Reins $5,000
Hospice of Wake County Foundation $10,000
Interfaith Food Shuttle $5,000
Lifeline Outreach $3,000
NC Youth Legislative Assembly Admin $5,000
Neuse Christian Academy $2,500
Occoneeche Boy Scouts Council $50,000
Prevent Child Abuse NC $45,000
Raleigh Rescue Mission $5,000
Rex Healthcare Foundation $5,000
Safe Haven for Cats $5,000
Salvation Army of Wake County $5,000
Shepherd’s Table $5,000
StepUp Ministries $25,000
The Center Foundation $1,000
United Way of Vance County $10,000
Urban Ministries of Wake County $10,000
Vance County Historical Society $5,000
White Memorial Presbyterian $50,000
YMCA of the Triangle $30,000

TOTAL – Humanitarian:




Carolina Ballet $25,000
NC Opera Company $10,000
NC Symphony $35,000
NC Theatre $25,000
Performance Edge $5,000
Raleigh Fine Arts Society $25,000

TOTAL – Arts:




Total Giving FY 2011-2012:  $9,311,808